Passengers with Reduced Mobility

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Assistance request

In accordance with European regulation n. 1107/06 and with the relative Enac note, the passenger with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) can require assistance (the waiting times in the abovementioned provisions). This only if the passenger require specifically assistance desired (Departing and arriving) at the time of booking the flight (always at least 48 hours before departure of the flight) at the airline / travel agency / tour operator that organized his trip.

Services PRM at the airport

Comiso Airport provides people with disabilities or reduced mobility the following services:

  • Parking and dedicated access.
  • Tactile paths for blind people both inside and outside the terminal.
  • Elevators equipped with braille keys.
  • Services indicated in braille.
  • Dedicated restrooms.
  • Mobile platforms elevating for boarding the plane.
  • PRM dedicated room.
  • First aid station with ambulance service.


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