The Province of Ragusa

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The Province of Ragusa strikes one on account of its connotations of antiquity and the peculiarity of places in it. And one is amazed by the fact that the province was only set up in 1926. Actually, the twelve municipalities that form its territory and that previously came under Modica, in Syracuse province, all appear connected, with chequered vicissitudes of separation and re-connection, to the history of the prestigious Modica county of Chiaramontes and Cabreras, which from the fourteenth century on was like a state within the state, on account of the ample autonomy that it enjoyed. In it there was strong cultural unity because there was a single dialect in Sicily and also because of the presence of a widespread rural bourgeoisie made up of small landowners and tenant farmers: the latter transformed the Ibla plateau and set up farms for corn growing and cattle raising, and they traced out a dense network of dry-stone walls built to allow agrarian rotation and grazing in a semi-wild state of a bovine breed which was particularly rustic and versatile: the so-called "Modicana" breed. This splendored-heart land has also been acknowledged by UNESCO, that put Hyblean Baroque masterpieces in the World Heritage List.

Source: Provincia Regionale di Ragusa


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