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Giarratana is not far from the site of the ancient Cerretanum, destroyed by the 1693 earthquake. There are very ancient traces of the little town, near which there are the remains of some prehistoric villages inhabited by tribes of Siculi, on which the archaeologist Paolo Orsi carried out diggings. According to some scholars, the sites of Erbesso and Casmene are to be identified with these places. Stretches of the wall structures of the ancient villages have remained. However, it is only from the Middle Ages on, and precisely since Norman times, that we have documentary notices about Giarratana, whose historical vicissitudes are linked to numerous events regarding the history of all Sicily. The economy of Giarratana has always been based on agriculture. It is famous in particular for the growing of a particular type of onion, to which every year a highly popular festival is dedicated. In the centre of the little town there are some churches, including the one dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate, in the higher part; in it there is kept the statue of the Madonna della Neve, patron saint of Giarratana.

Source: Provincia Regionale di Ragusa


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