Monterosso Almo

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Placed on a hill whose sinuous contours it follows, Monterosso Almo is the northernmost place in Ragusa province. It has an essentially agricultural economy and is quite well known for some products, including cherries and dairy, especially ricotta cheese, which every year is at the centre of a festival. Monterosso Almo’s territory was inhabited starting from prehistoric times: we know this from remains on Monte Casasia and above all from the big hypogeum chamber at Calaforno, which seems to date from the Copper Age. The name Monte Almo was already given to the place in the Norman period; subsequently, it was also called Rosso, from the name of Count Enrico Rosso di Aidone, and it was part of the Modica county. Destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, the little town was soon rebuilt. Among the main monuments there is the cathedral church, a national monument in the neo-Gothic style.

Source: Provincia Regionale di Ragusa


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