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A very old maritime village, already largely used by the Arabs, as is documented by the geographer Al Idris, Pozzallo developed around the Caricatore, which the Chiaramontes, lords of Modica county, built there - Pozzallo was part of the county until the early years of the nineteenth century. The Loading Platform, with the annexed warehouses and other buildings, was the maritime wayout of Modica, just as Vendicari, on the Ionian side, was the maritime wayout for Noto in the same period. The Pozzallo Loading Platform was later improved and decorated by the Cabrera Earls, who took over from the Chiaramontes. In 1429, the need to defend harbour buildings and activities against pirate attacks led Giovanni Bernardo Cabrera to build an imposing defence tower, originally about thirty metres high. The fortress was an excellent defence not only for the Loading Platform, but also for the surrounding territory, whose inhabitants were thus freed from the fear of raids, which were then very frequent all around the coasts of Sicily. With the end of feudalism, Pozzallo broke away from Modica and became an independent commune. Since that time, the little town, progressively developing around the original nucleus has taken on a historical and cultural physiognomy of its own. Though the economy is fundamentally a maritime one, there are also agricultural and trading activities. For example, its production of carobs is famous.

Source: Provincia Regionale di Ragusa


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