Santa Croce Camerina

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Santa Croce Camerina is the medieval heir of the Greek Kamarina, founded by the Syracusans in 598 B.C., as an outpost of their expansionistic policy, after Akrai and Kasmene. The Greek town had a very tormented life and in the space of about three centuries it was destroyed several times, with the consequent deportation of its inhabitants, since on account of its geographical position it founded itself as a frontier town, squashed now between Syracuse and Gela, now between Athenians and Spartans, now between Romans and Carthaginians. After its destruction by the Romans in 258 B.C., the town never recovered, and the environs turned into marshes and scrublands. The present-day village of Santa Croce Camerina arose in the Middle Ages in a place where previously there was a little church, among whose sacred images was that of St. Helen with the cross of Christ. This cross gave the name to the settlement and then to the modern town.

Source: Provincia Regionale di Ragusa


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